Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins
Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins


Art Nouveau 10k Lily of the Valley Drop Earrings Crafted from Lingerie Pins

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General Information:

  • Precious Metal Weight: 0.86-0.90 dwt
  • Precious Metal Material: 10k yellow gold earring bodies with 14k yellow gold ear wires
  • Dimensions: 32.0 x 4.4 mm overall; 2.00 mm depth; ~24.8 mm approx. drop from lobe
  • Weight: 1.33 g (together)
  • Markings: None (markings would have once been on stick pin and/or closures that have since been removed to convert this pair to earrings)
  • Era: Est. c. 1880-1910, pins were likely products of the Art Nouveau period, though lingerie pins were historically used through the 1920s when women’s undergarments began to evolve with the changing times and progressive fashions.
  • Buyer Notes: As conversion pieces, these earrings both bear very subtle differences between the two, though none all too visible to the untrained eye. One earring shows so reshaping which either occurred sometime in its century of loving wear, or during the conversion process long before the shop procured the pair. This characteristic is pictured and considered a proud and charming trait, though the price has been fairly set according to its presence. Remember that conversion pieces are special in that they are virtually one of a kind, with no other pieces exactly like them in existence.

The Story:

This pair of earrings are conversion pieces: the earring bodies-- the dropped portions-- began their lives as a matching set of lingerie pins, cheeky and practical accessories used to fasten underthings in place. Often, such items were gifted within wedding trousseaus for young ladies during their weeks of wedding festivities, to prepare them for their new married lives and roles. Nowadays, such trousseaus are not so much part of the typical American wedding order, and likewise, lingerie pins are not necessities for their original purpose; so as to preserve the integrity of these pieces’ historic qualities, and to perpetuate their value, they have been creatively crafted into a ‘new’ jewelry pair.

In recent years, the pins have been lovingly reconfigured as delicate earrings, with slinky 14k earring wires added for comfortable wearability. The pair is incredibly lightweight, comparable to small huggie hoops despite their gold make. They are very easy to wear, and do not have much movement when worn, keeping quite steady instead. Notably, the design on these earrings offers even more beauty than mere physical aesthetics: the stylized Lily of the Valley floral motif, that adorns this pair in repoussé form, is one that has long been associated with brides and the innocent.

In spiritual lore, Lily of the Valley blooms burst from the earth as Eve’s earnest tears fell to the ground when God dispelled her from the Garden of Eden. In intriguing equivalence, the flower is believed to represent the promised hope of Christ’s second coming, a gesture of reconciliation of the created with the Creator in perfect union through grace. Similarly, Lily of the Valley has been used in wedding bouquets for generations, as they are thought to suggest that the bride who holds them is incomplete without her groom. Often, the sweet blooms are gifted as tokens of good fortune and affection.

Perfect for your wedding day just as much as your everyday wear, this ‘upcycled’ pair is an excellent addition to any vintage and antique jewelry lover’s collection, rich in meaning and message in true late 19th century form.

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