section one
Our philosophy

At Revival Fine Jewelry, we believe in the sustainability of loving those things already in existence & in finding new and creative ways to enjoy the jewels we inherit.

When you buy vintage, you are supporting the circulation and continued adoration of historic jewelry, and are investing in a previously loved heirloom. Like us, you see intrigue in the marks left by time. Celebrate the wear commensurate with age and affectionate use by breathing new life into these acquisitions!

When you buy from Revival, you are shopping small and choosing the preservation of 'slow' fashion over the disposability of 'fast' fashion.

section two
Choosing pre-loved

Like all antiques, Revival items are sold as-is in antique and vintage condition, which means all our inventory is secondhand and used. Buyers are not purchasing new and unworn items, and should expect wear and imperfection. All jewelry inherently bears wear to finish, metal and stones that is consistent with age and use. While we do our best to report all major issues, there may be flea bite nicks or scratches commensurate with use.

Prongs may be worn and may need replacing or re-tipping, and should be checked yearly. It is not unusual for jewelry of any age to require maintenance before consistent wear. Such needs should be expected by buyers.

Keep in mind that photographs cannot accurately capture the luminosity, reflectivity or refractivity of diamonds and gemstones. Photographs are considered extensions of the written description, and should be examined carefully. Please ask all questions before purchasing.

section three
Purchasing boxes

When purchasing antique and vintage jewelry boxes and cases, buyers should expect imperfections and wear commensurate with age and use. Some items may need very careful lint removal, cleaning or dusting upon receipt.

Please be aware that the foam core that comprises the body of most multi ring cases does disintegrate with time. As such, it is possible that crumbling foam, in any varying amount, may be present inside the box upon opening after shipment due to physical handling, pressure changes, etc. of being in transit.

Likewise, wood frame construction and joints may be loose, slack or possibly lightly disconnected from decades and centuries of use. These characteristics should be expected, and while the shop encourages buyers to embrace evidence of time, any issues may be rectified as so desired by the buyer at their discretion post-purchase. All storage and box sales are final.

section four
Item assessment

Prior to procurement by our shop, most items are evaluated by an independent Graduate Gemologist. All diamond and gemstone gradings are assessed per GIA standards as mountings permit and where gemstones are present. Where mountings impede accurate measurements, best approximated dimensions are provided.

All weights and measurements are professionally calculated using a computer-based formulaic algorithm, per the approximate measurements and specific gravity of the respective gemstone(s). All calculations are performed using appropriate formulas: modern formulas for modern cuts and historic formulas for historic cuts. Industry standard and accepted treatments, such as heat treatment for gemstones, are assumed unless otherwise noted.

Items do not come with physical documentation, appraisals, or certifications, unless explicitly stated in the item description and/or listing title.

While jewelry is inspected upon procurement by the shop as well as prior to shipment, Revival Fine Jewelry cannot guarantee a warranty once items leave our inventory, given the delicate and individual nature of secondhand articles and the unaccountability of buyer handling post-purchase.

Please be advised that jewelers who do not have expertise and working experience in antique jewelry may advise customers to recut antique stones, modify settings and shanks, and heavily polish antique jewels. We STRONGLY advise against these, as all are immeasurably destructive to the values and historic integrities of such pieces; such work should be unquestionably avoided at all costs. If pursued, Revival Fine Jewelry is not responsible for changes, damages or loss of value resulting from inadvisable work post-purchase.

section five
The fine print

Pricing of all items is configured based on shop cost including taxes; comparable items across reputable platforms including auction sites, museum archives, and online antiques venues; rarity and condition of stones, and quality of components, wear from age, authenticity and craftsmanship of design; historical and cultural significance, provenance, and collector desirability.

Items purchased at specially negotiated discounts, deals or sale prices through any platform between Revival Fine Jewelry and a designated customer are considered final sale, including rates arranged and agreed upon via Facebook, Instagram, email or any other method. Closing deals at special rates reflects a desire by both parties to reach an expeditious and absolute sale.

The intention of specially negotiated discounts, deals or sale prices through any platform between Revival Fine Jewelry and a designated customer is to eliminate extra expenses and/or use of time and resources to formally list or re-list items per their specific and inherent value-determining qualities (as described above), as well as avoid unseen overhead business costs, stocking obligations, and all other disclosed or undisclosed monetary and nonmonetary expenditures.

Sale prices are only valid within the prescribed sale window, unless otherwise stated by Revival Fine Jewelry or agreed upon between Revival Fine Jewelry and a designated customer. Revival Fine Jewelry reserves the right to publicly advertise in advance, or not advertise in advance, any promotions and sales on any platform. To maintain business sustainability and general fairness, individual customers are not entitled to exclusive notification of, or owed access to, store sales antecedently. Orders processed prior to a promotion or sale, items placed on layaway prior to a sale, and payments paid through layaway prior to a sale will not be retroactively adjusted to reflect sale pricing or terms.

Revival Fine Jewelry reserves the right to decrease, increase, alter and modify inventory pricing to meet market rarity, demand or value; to offset platform, transaction or seller's fees; to adapt to economic inflation and fluctuation; and to defray specific business expenses. Pricing is the sole discretion of every small business. All jewelry prices on any platform by any seller are subjective valuations.

We strive to accurately date all items as precisely as possible using our experience, education, trained eye, research and expertise. In the event we are mistaken, kindly have grace and allow us the opportunity to update our findings.

section six
Shipping specifics

Purchase and shipping costs cover carrier rates, branded packaging materials including gift box and card inserts, handling and labor from start to finish, international transportation (if applicable), full insurance coverage, tracking and direct signature confirmation at the carrier's rate. Revival Fine Jewelry cannot control shipping times, delays or losses, and any loss or damage in transit must be reported by the purchaser.

International shipping costs fluctuate per carrier rates, holiday season and global economic circumstances and is not free of charge. International customers are responsible for any and all customs expenses, VAT taxes and import fees, as well as any clearance costs legally dictated by their respective destination countries.

Such taxes may be billed before or after delivery, and Revival Fine Jewelry has no way to know beforehand, predict or calculate these expenses into the pricing structure. Revival Fine Jewelry is not responsible for covering these costs, no matter their amount or billing schedule. Returns based on import costs will not be permitted.

In order to maintain utmost legal and ethical integrity, all international orders will include accurate commodity customs descriptions and values. Under no circumstances will orders be falsely marked as 'gifts' or misrepresented in kind so as to achieve cheaper rates.

section seven
Returns & refunds

We aim to provide as smooth of a customer experience as possible, though if you experience any issues or are dissatisfied, please email us so that we may work with you toward a resolution. Please follow these steps to pursue a return:

Notify the shop of an intention to return within 3 days of confirmed delivery.

The item(s) must be shipped back to the shop, in either original or new packaging, within 7 days of confirmed delivery. All materials (gift box, inserts, cards) must be returned with the item(s).

We will neither accept nor refund returns declared after the 3 day window or returns postmarked after 7 days of receipt.

Customers are responsible for generating an insured return shipping label (international customers included) and letting us know the tracking information of the return. If you do not include full insurance and/or tracking and your returned parcel is damaged or lost in transit, you will not be refunded.

International customers must supply accurate return customs documentation, and may not falsify such forms. Any subsequent shipping charges accrued by the shop will be deducted from your refunded amount.

If a return is accepted, customers will be refunded less the following:

Original shipping, handling and insurance expenses.

Any applicable recompenses for damages, changed condition or modifications deemed and identified by the shop upon receipt (Any extreme and character-altering changes may result in a refusal to refund; this is the shop’s discretion).

A 10% restocking fee (of the purchase price), applicable to all purchases, no exceptions.

All sale items, items altered by the buyer post-purchase, and all storage/ boxes are considered final sale and are ineligible for a return or refund.

• Items purchased at specially negotiated discounts, deals or sale prices through any platform between Revival Fine Jewelry and a designated customer are considered final sale, including rates arranged and agreed upon via Facebook, Instagram, email or any other method.

section eight
Purchase via layaway

Layaway is available for full priced, non-sale items priced $600.00 USD or greater, and items may not be combined to attain price-eligibility. Plans are offered as 3-month/90-day maximum terms.

In exchange for offering interest-free plans, customers agree to abide and uphold the following nonnegotiable terms and conditions:

A 30% non-refundable deposit is due upfront to reserve the item for layaway and pull it from public sale on all of our shopping platforms. Shipping expenses are added to this first payment unless otherwise requested.

The remaining 70% balance is divided up into three subsequent monthly payments due on the same day of the following three months. If delinquent, a $20.00 USD late fee is added per day to an overdue payment until paid.

In the event that a layaway installment is left unpaid for seven (7) days and no communication is received from the designated customer, the layaway plan will be presumed abandoned. While the item will be returned to public sale, all payments made hitherto are still considered final.

Layaway items are promptly boxed and shipped to the designated customer once the final payment successfully processes.

Taxes, import and other legal fees are not calculated into the payments, and are the sole responsibility of the customer, whether a domestic US or international buyer. Revival Fine Jewelry is not responsible for calculating, covering or adding such costs into purchase prices.

All layaway payments as well as all items purchased through layaway plans are considered final sale; neither payments nor items may be refunded, transferred, exchanged or returned. Revival Fine Jewelry does not issue store credit.

Revival Fine Jewelry reserves the right to cancel any layaway plan at any point for any reason if fraudulent activity is suspected. In this event, the designated customer will be notified prior to the intended cancellation of their plan.


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