A Sunday story

As shop owner and curator, Rachael is the founder and manager of Revival Fine Jewelry. She procures, researches, photographs and lists all inventory, taking great care to tell each piece's story to the fullest degree possible.

Rachael's adoration of antique jewelry is rooted in childhood memories of Sunday mornings: in awe, Rachael would play with the antique diamond ring on her mother's finger, moving it this way and that to catch the light and scatter rainbows. Neither the ring nor her mother looked more beautiful than when enveloped in a host of light cascading through the historic church's colorful stained glass windows.

This family heirloom was originally given to Rachael's great-grandmother, Aline, as an "I love you" gift amidst some difficult years. Its loving sentiment seemed to enliven the ring nearly a century later, and with every move, the stone would flash with tonal fire and divine wonder. Even as a child, Rachael was captivated by the the ring's secrets and marveled at its beauty. A summation of Sundays evolved into a love story forged by spirit and sparkle.

Many years later upon her graduation from high school, Rachael inherited the very diamond ring that sparked her affection for antique jewels and eventually inspired the formation of Revival Fine Jewelry.

revival fine jewelry is
Proudly woman owned & owner-operated

By turning a love for antique jewelry into an exciting and rewarding way to foot university bills, Revival quickly grew into an undeniable calling. Revival's roots run over a decade deep.

An uncommon point of view, guaranteed.

To best serve fellow jewelry-lovers, Rachael merges a culmination of distinct passions, a dedication to lifelong learning and the joy of storytelling. Revival's inventory is curated through a uniquely honed point of view:

Artist & Art Historian

Paint and pencils were Rachael's first and most intuitive language, and with over a decade of art history education and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting under her belt, she continues as an active painter today.

We believe jewels of the past are wearable works of art, expressions of their makers and reflections of their caretakers. In seeing jewelry through the visceral lens of creativity, we can more deeply appreciate their inherent beauty.

Preservationist & Designer

Rachael has a postgraduate education in the Science of Architectural Historic Preservation, and a Master's of Art in Interior Design with an emphasis on the psychology of inclusive space and functional design.

These areas of expertise equip us with the knowledge of built and living history in tandem with the contexts of socio-cultural development so that we can share the big-picture story of heirlooms and collectibles.

Antiquarian & Collector

Intentionally curating collections is a tool to learn how our most sacred and our most mundane possessions together reveal how people commemorate memories, events, places and relationships.

Revival Fine Jewelry's inventory is carefully procured through a trained and discerning eye. We are committed to the intrigue of thoughtful collections and their narratives.

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